Nurture Omaha offers prenatal lactation classes and car seat safety classes designed to prepare you and your family to meet your new baby.

Lactation classes are taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and car seat safety classes are taught by a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST).  Learn more about our upcoming classes below!

Call or text us with questions or for pricing info & to sign up for classes!

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Nurture & Nourish:

Lactation Education for Families

Join us for an afternoon of lactation education for the family! In our Lactation Education for Families course, you and your support persons will leave with the most updated information to have the best start at feeding!

Go beyond the hospital's simple class and learn about everything from nutrition during pregnancy, to preparing for feeding in the hospital, and everything about getting to know your baby and their feeding needs. Our comprehensive curriculum is condensed down into a quick 3 hour class, with each hour discussing what lactating is like in the real world (see descriptions below). Total class time is 3 hours.


Class times for 2021:

(All classes for the time being are virtual until

we feel we can keep all our families safe.)

Classes are held from 1-4pm online unless otherwise noted.

January 17th

March 21st

May 16th

July 18th

September 19th

November 21st


Class location:

Online through Google Meet
You will be sent a link the day before class


Pricing information:

$75 for 2 people (you and your partner)*

$10 for each additional support person (grandparent, family member, nanny, etc)

*Insurance may cover. Text us to verify.

You MUST reserve your spot ahead of time. See below.
If class in in person: Please arrive 5-10 minutes early.

Please bring your photo ID and insurance card.

Class description:

Hour 1: Nutrition for You and Your Growing Baby

Join us as we lay the foundation for good health and nutrition for you & your growing baby. You will learn the benefits of human milk, how to stay healthy during your pregnancy, and how to prepare your body for feeding your baby.

Hour 2: Getting to Know Your Baby

Learn the basics of lactation including; how to get off to a great start, positioning and latch, and ways to know your baby is hungry and that your baby is getting enough. Learn our secret tricks on decoding infant cries, relieving sore nipples, helping gassy babies, and how to reduce infant crying times!

Hour 3: Hospital Preparation

Don't Worry, Be Ready!! Learn what to expect after delivery and how to prepare for your hospital stay. Learn hospital rules on jaundice, blood sugars, and birth weight and how they affect your feeding relationship.  Understand how your birth can impact your feeding relationship, and what you can do to stay successfully lactating if things don't go as planned.  You will leave with a survival guide, in hand.


Support persons highly encouraged to attend** (Partner, Sibling, Grandparents, etc.).

**You may bring multiple support persons. Please invite your pregnant friends! Pregnant friends do not count as your support person. Each pregnant person will be charged through their insurance. If insurance does not cover the cost of our class, the fee is $75. To find out if your insurance covers please contact Nurture Omaha at 402-915-1559.

If you are a health care provider or work with children (doula, birth educator, day care provider, pediatrician, dietitian, etc.) and would like to take the course to expand your lactation knowledge please contact us for special pricing. 

You will receive:

-3 hours of lactation education full of evidence-based recommendations and the newest lactation research. The detailed 3 hours of education will set you up with the knowledge to get your baby the most human milk possible!

-A "Lactation Survival Guide" full of IBCLC's tips and tricks to get your nursing/feeding relationship off to a great start!

-Lists of local resources on where to find the best lactation help.

-Snacks/drinks during class (Feel free to bring your own food/drink as well!)



Reserve your spot on Sign Up Genius!


You will receive a confirmation email, please follow the instructions. If you fail to respond to our text messages then you will not be contacted again and you will lose your spot.

If you are using insurance you will be asked to fill out another form once registered for your class.

If you have questions, please call or text Nurture Omaha at 402-915-1559, texting is preferred and available 24/7.  Be prepared to provide payment information and names/relationships of support persons.

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