Need breastfeeding help?

We can provide you with breastfeeding support through our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC).  Call or text us to get an appointment set up today!  (402) 915-1559

Nurture Omaha provides clients with Comprehensive Prenatal Breastfeeding Education, Car Seat Safety Education, Car Seat Checks, Outpatient Lactation Services, Breast Pumps & Accessories, Parenting Support Groups and Development of Work-site Lactation Programs.

Our IBCLCs provide one- on-one consultations to parents and babies who need extra assistance with breastfeeding. We provide services for:

• Sore nipples/breasts                                                   • Engorgement

• Management of oversupply/forceful letdown           • Positioning/latch-on difficulty/breast refusal

• Feeding pattern assessment                                      • Low milk supply/slow weight gain

• Premature/special needs infants                               • Twins/other multiples

• Infant oral assessment                                                • Moms with a history of breast surgery

• Pumping questions/Back-to-work issues                 • Breastpumps through insurance

• Breastpump replacement supplies                            • Referrals as needed

Home visits available!

Home visits are no extra cost within Omaha city limits. Let us come to you and provide you with help and education in the comfort of your home.

We at Nurture Omaha believe that all parents deserve affordable access to lactation help. Many insurances cover our lactation services - but if they do not we have generously discounted self-pay fees.


We are currently preferred providers with the following networks*:

-Blue Cross Blue Shield

-Midlands Choice 



Consultation fees (If you do not have insurance, or if we are not in network):

Contact us for pricing

Medicaid member self-pay fees highly discounted (If your primary insurance doesn't cover)

Contact us for pricing

*Not all plans are covered, please call your insurance first to verify.

As always, texting us at 402-915-1559 and attending our support groups are FREE.


Click here to learn more about our IBCLCs!

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